Sadie and Jerome, The Series

Sadie and Jerome, Book Two, Act One

Oswald Cremaine was not a happy man. His contract was quite simple, acquire and deliver a minimum of ten houseslaves, six girls and four boys to the Gunnerson residence by 10am on the 28th November at the latest. Everything had initially seemed to go exceptionally well. With the extra livestock purchased from Rashid Alghani’s emporium, Oswald had managed an increased tally of fourteen head in total, all in prime physical shape and good demeanor. Cremaine had foolishly already started counting the banknotes into his ever-welcoming billfold when karma decided to kick him square in the bollocks.

Cremaine had chosen his route carefully. He had decided to circumnavigate the M25 ring road and then utilize the less frenetic A1 trunk road for the final part of the journey to the Gunnerson estate. Things had gone remarkably well till the outskirts of Welwyn Garden City, when a sudden grinding from the mini-bus engine brought him hastily to a stop in a handy layby.

Sadie and Jerome, Book Two, Act Two

Alan Masters woke with a parched throat and the beginnings of a really bad hangover. A carafe of water stood just a few inches away on the bedside table but it might as well have been on the moon.

“Morning, sir.”

Masters didn’t turn his head to see who was there, the effort would have been just too much to bear, rather he tried desperately to remember what exactly had happened last evening in the time between leaving the dining room and falling asleep. He racked his brain for what seemed like an hour but for the life of him he really hadn’t a clue. In the end, he decided the answer was to just ask the voice lying behind him to get a drink.


He felt the covers move, heard the feet hit the floor and the slow pacing of this yet invisible individual circumnavigate the bed.

Sadie and Jerome Book One Complete

Sadie Blenkinsop was ever a proponent of extremes, whether it was her insistence on the absolute purity of drinking water or the demonic spit roasting between two gigantic cocks required for utter orgasmic release. Her husband, Jerome, was generally happy to facilitate both these quirks, being both rich enough to delightedly order bottled beverages from Fortnum and Masons and a voyeuristic cuckold whose ultimate pleasurable debasement was to witness Sadie’s utter debauchment.

June the twenty-third had proved a particularly important day historically. The Brexit vote had cast the United Kingdom into the recently uncharted waters of non-European union and Sadie’s latest tryst had rewarded Jerome with his first taste of pure Scottish sausage, in the form of two robust privates of the second battalion Scots Guards handpicked for their rugged appearance and rough manners. Both results were exactly to the couple’s tastes.

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