Born and educated in the United Kingdom, the authors work carries the trade mark signature of the society and culture in which he was raised. Echoing the panache and passion of 18th and 19th century romantics he weaves in a degree of surreal and macabre humor reminiscent of mid 20th century British farce. Now living in glorious exile in the Pacific Northwest of The United States, Trevor breathes the clean and tranquil air of the locale, whilst retaining his full armament of eccentricities, mannerisms and quirky ideals.

Presently completing the third act to the second book in the 'Sadie and Jerome' chronicles, Trevor is also finding time to embark on a new series, 'The Revolutionary Tales', a peek into the turbulent social and political climate of late 18th and early 19th century Europe.

'Smut' is a form of literary craft that has largely been erased. With the advent of pulp comic books and the easy availability of visual representations in multimedia, the written art form that brought us  De Sade, Miller, Lawrence and  Fielding has virtually vanished from the book shelves. A whole vocabulary has been lost, the art of the double entendre, pantomime aside and bedroom farce obliterated by the censorship and uber sensitivity that travels hand in glove with political correctness. Language is the first and foremost freedom of an enlightened civilization, any artificial restraints, however well intentioned, encapsulate the same horrendous attributes as Orwellian 'newspeak'.

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